Claro is a comprehensive EQ Plug-In that serves the production process from composition to final mix, with three distinct views, progressively adding deeper insight and precision to prevent mud, clutter, or harshness, helping you blend your tracks into a clear and balanced mix.

在带有插件合成器、循环和鼓机的 DAW 中编写音乐时,源声音都倾向于在整个频谱中占据大量空间。

这会为您的混音增加许多的工作量。 在这个阶段,些许的声音塑形都会对音色带来很大的变化。

- 如果我们能使我们听到的东西更接近于最终混音的声音,我们就能在考虑到最终声音的情况下做出如何调整的选择。

如果快速音量和 EQ 调整无法将新部分与现有乐器融合在一起,那么尝试不同的声源或交织的旋律或和弦安排将会让音乐更加动听。

目前在调整 EQ 的过程中,很容易因为各种错综复杂的细节而丢失目标。



然而,如果我们未能发现我们前期 EQ 调整的隐患,其势必会在最终的混音中造成问题,因为我们会用到许多的插件,并不只是在一个插件内进行调整。

靠经验就更难了,建立直觉需要更长的时间。考虑到这一点,Claro 允许其灵活性随着时间的推移而展开。


Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

We have updated this Privacy Policy to address GDPR requirements. Here we explain how we collect, store and process your personal data and your rights concerning these data.

How we collect data

Normally we would collect some of the data that you share with us. Examples will include making an online purchase, registering a product, subscribing to our newsletter, or contacting our support with a query. When we receive data, we take appropriate steps to protect it.

What data is stored

We store your name, email address, postal address, IP address and iLok account name. We store the date with each product purchased or registered.

Why we collect data

We want to give you the best possible experience with Sonnox and our products. With this in mind, these data help us to provide you with:

  • the latest information on new products, services, promotional offers, events and campaigns of Sonnox;
  • customer support if you have queries or problems;
  • access to your purchase history and available upgrades via ‘mySonnox’;
  • personalised offers.

In addition, we store data to facilitate:

  • Tax collection: we must retain certain information regarding sales to verify location for UK/EU tax reporting;
  • Fraud protection: we undertake certain fraud prevention methods to protect credit card users in our e-commerce system.

There will inevitably be some services that we cannot provide for you without the retention of data.

When we share your data

Sonnox will not share your data with any third party unless it provides an essential service for you (or if we have a legal obligation to share that data). Examples include the electronic or dealer purchase procedures, iLok licence access or a partner promotion.

Anonymous data

Sometimes we use data for analytical or marketing reasons, in which case the data is anonymised. Examples would include geographical analysis of sales success, geographically focussed promotions, or historical product sales curves.

Your rights

You have many rights regarding your data. These include seeing what data we hold and modifying or deleting your data.

If you wish to see, modify or delete your data; or if you have any other query, about our privacy policy, please contact [email protected]
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Sonnox Ltd.



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