Oxford Plug-Ins are used in an extraordinary range of live and recorded applications throughout the music, broadcast, film and games sectors. Even scientific and forensics projects have benefitted from the sonic surgery characteristic of an Oxford product.


Rather than releasing a vast number of Plug-Ins we’ve instead concentrated on doing a few things really well. Staple, everyday tools that any engineer can reach for with confidence, sure in the knowledge that using each one's iintuitive GUI will result in quick, confident and great sounding mix decisions.

There are plenty of classic emulation Plug-Ins out there that offer characterful, saturated and coloured tones, but none that can deliver professional audio engineers the same clarity and precision as Sonnox Oxford products do. Our users appreciate having the choice of both. 

Maybe you need an EQ, some targeted dynamic control, envelope shaping or perceptual loudness maximisation? Perhaps you’re restoring an historic master, checking your mix for streaming compatibility or creating interactive content for worldwide distribution?

In any case, why not join the majority of nominees and winners of every major audio award and widen your palette to include the sound of hallmark audio transparency.

“Clean, transparent and not processed sounding… It just sounds right.” Mick Guzauski

“They help me to work quicker.” Erin Tonkon

“They’re like your favourite guitar…tried and true.” Kevin Killen

Welcome to Sonnox Oxford.