Some great reviews of our Oxford Envolution!

Envolution Reviews


Many thanks to all of you who’ve demo’d, fallen for and bought our latest plug-in, the frequency dependent envelope shaping Oxford Envolution. 

According to some recent reviews, you’re not alone!

Tape Op    

Like a kid with a new toy, I've been combing through recordings tracked years ago, using Envolution to fix everything in my life that I've done wrong; murky pianos, lifeless room mics, overheads too high off the kit, string ensembles, bass amps (whoa!), and of course, the damn kick drum. I love Envolution. Not only a great fixing tool, but also an extremely creative one too


Another excellent and genuinely useful tool from Sonnox that has applications across a range of percussive and plucked or struck sounds

Electronic Musician

Envolution shapes envelopes like no other product can. Uniquely powerful, flexible and reasonably priced, Oxford Envolution is a terrific-sounding plug-in every mix engineer should own.

Pro Tools Expert

Subtle, aggressive or anything in between…all sounding brilliant


Overall, Oxford Envolution is a very useful tool. People after options will love the control, not only over the frequencies that are processed, but also the attack and release envelopes for both the Transient and Sustain portions of the signal