NEW - Sonnox Toolbox ListenHub音频插件工具箱

Introducing ListenHub, the latest addition to our Toolbox range: Sonnox Toolbox ListenHub. ListenHub is the audio control toolbox that places essential referencing and monitoring solutions at your fingertips.

Ensure your mix stands strong against your favourite productions using ListenHub for macOS. Use it to easily A/B against songs from any streaming source such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube or your own media player.

ListenHub 是音频控制工具箱,可将重要的参考和监控解决方案放在你的指尖。 使用 macOS 的 ListenHub,确保你的混音与你最喜爱的作品相平衡。 使用它可以轻松地对来自任何流媒体源(如 Spotify、Apple Music、YouTube 或你自己的媒体播放器)的歌曲进行 A/B 对比。

Instantly listen to just the mid or sides, low-mids or highs and discover if your dynamics are competitive or crushed. ListenHub’s unique set of monitoring tools gives you the insights to make better mixing decisions.

Access ListenHub directly from your Mac or the free iOS and Android app for tablets and smartphones. ListenHub takes the immediacy, flexibility and tactile nature of a hardware monitor controller and marries it with the complete transparency of software routing. It can be used as a zero-latency plugin or a system-wide app hosting AU plugins on each output.

Save 25%

To celebrate ListenHub's release, we'll be running a 25% discount from now until Thursday, April 7th, making it just £44.25 ex VAT!

To take advantage of this introductory offer, head over to the Store.

For more information, head over to the ListenHub product page.



As with all things, there are some Terms & Conditions that must apply:
  • A free iLok account is necessary to authorise Sonnox ListenHub
    • It can be authorised with a physical iLok 2/3, iLok Cloud with an active internet connection or to the local machine, which can be used offline.
  • Sonnox retains the right to withdraw this offer or amend the Terms & Conditions at any time