New Oxford Limiter v2 for UAD-2

Limiter V2 for UA


This significant update to our favourite limiting plug-in introduces true peak limiting and an overall process threshold exclusively to users of the UAD-2 platform

So why is it that so many folk make the Oxford Limiter their default last insertion on stereo groups and mix buses alike?

We feel the answer lies in the comparison between conventional limiters and our plug-in. 

The former does prevent peaks and can add volume, density and presence to your mix. But there are often less helpful consequences of the process:

    •    Reduction in clarity and transient detail
    •    Unwanted colouring
    •    Clipping; without even realising that it’s happening!

With the Oxford Limiter you get all of the upsides - whether you’re after transparent peak limiting, loudness maximization or heavier creative effects - without crushing transient and dynamic information. 

Plus advanced look-ahead processing and the unique Enhance function to provide the sample-value limiting needed to reliably avoid clipping. Meter for and automatically correct otherwise invisible reconstruction overloads to confidently deliver great sounding and legal tracks.

Key Features Summary

    •    Peak limiting with attack, release & variable soft-knee
    •    Enhance section to increase perceived loudness
    •    Without gain pumping effects
    •    Recon meter shows reconstructed rather than sampled signal
    •    Auto Comp fixes reconstruction errors without losing overall loudness
    •    Includes a True Peak mode previously only available on the AAX platform
    •    Comprehensive high quality dither and noise shaping options
    •    Four variable-strength noise shaping modes for use with highly dynamic programme material
    •    Great library of factory presets