iLok Cloud Support and 2 License Activations

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iLok Cloud Support and 2 Licence Activations

We've introduced iLok Cloud authorisation for the following Sonnox products:

  • Oxford Elite range (EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, Limiter, Reverb, TransMod, SuprEsser and SuprEsser DS)
  • Oxford Dynamic EQ
  • Oxford Envolution
  • Toolbox VoxDoubler


1. What is iLok Cloud?

iLok Cloud authorisation offers an alternative activation location for Sonnox licences. For the first time, Oxford Plug-Ins can be used without a physical iLok USB device.

Cloud authorisation will allow you to use any of your supported Native or HDX Plug-Ins with just a free iLok account and an active internet connection.


2. Do I have 2 activations now?

If you’re a new or current owner of the Generation 5 (G5) Sonnox products listed above you’ll receive an additional activation for each of those licences.

You can choose whether to authorise this extra activation using iLok Cloud or another physical iLok USB device. You can find out more here.

Meaning that you’re now able to run a Cloud session on one system whilst leaving your existing iLok device to authorise a second.

As a consequence, trying or buying these Sonnox products has never been simpler or more flexible!


3. How much does it cost?

iLok Cloud is a free update for existing Generation 5 (G5) licence owners.


4. Do I already own qualifying G5 products?

If you own any of the qualifying products above, but you’re not sure if you’re running the latest version, just log in to your mySonnox portal - this will list all of your current licences and upgrade options. If you only own G4 or older, you will need to upgrade each Plug-In to G5 before you can use iLok Cloud authorisation.


5. How do I use iLok Cloud authorisation and access my extra activation?

You need to install the newest version of your Plug-Ins.

You can download their installers from your mySonnox portal. If you need more help, please read How to use Cloud authorisation for instructions, videos and guidance.


6. Exclusions

Waves Soundgrid products will not support iLok Cloud authorisation at this time.

We plan to add this support as soon as we’re able, so please subscribe to the Sonnox Newsletter for news about forthcoming compatibility.

There are no current plans to enable iLok Cloud authorisation for Sonnox Oxford Restore, Pro-Codec and Codec Toolbox products.