Brian Nevin - Hands Across the Ocean

Following an agreement in 2015 to limit its nuclear activities, International sanctions against Iran were lifted earlier this year.

With so much current turmoil in our world, it’s sometimes difficult for seemingly less significant news to be heard. The growth in cultural and commercial relations with Iran since the lifting of the sanctions is a good example of this.

All too often news reports and government statements define our view of the world, sometimes preventing us from understanding the lives of real people in far-flung countries.

So when Persian Sound City presented the opportunity to acclaimed Canadian music engineer/mixer Brian Nevin to be the first sponsored westerner to run mixing and mastering workshops in Tehran, he leapt at it:

"In my 30+ year career, I can vouch for the persistence of cultural approaches to production".

We share Brian’s positivity here at Sonnox HQ, so were delighted to support the trip he made in May.

As a Professor at both Humber and Centennial colleges in Canada, Brian is well equipped to communicate the knowledge he’s acquired in mixing for TV, Film and commercial music releases.

Class Photo


The two days of workshops proved hugely popular, with attendees having flown in from all corners of the country.

Team Photo

Brian (centre right) and the Mixing and Mastering Workshop students

In times like these, with disaffection breeding mistrust and intolerance, we  - like Brian – share a belief in the unifying power of music and therefore a real hope that his trip will generate new collaborative opportunities. 

However small it may be, we’re proud to play our part in all this.